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Updated: Oct 29, 2023

I am so excited! I have been waiting 6 weeks to make this announcement! 

Introducing our NEW LINE of soap. What is different about this soap?  Keratin!

When making this soap, we still use the same all natural organic raw ingredients. Then, we dissolve and add our main ingredient…snake shed skin right into the oils. 

Wait…What!  Why?

Snakes naturally shed their skin. This skin  mainly serves as a natural silk when added to soap. When the snake skin sheds are added and dissolved, the KERATIN protein remains, and this protein is what adds a lovely silky feel to the lather of the soap bar.

Yes!  That’s right!!! This soap is made using 100%, all natural snake skin sheds and the result is a wonderful, rich, silky soap that will feel luxurious on your skin. Our skin loves Keratin. 


What benefits does Keratin offer?

Unclogs and tightens pores

Super skin cleanser

Removes deep impurities

Smooths skin texture

Reduces Breakouts

Moisturizes dry skin

Rich in keratin

No snakes were harmed in the making of this soap.   🐍 

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What are Himalayan salt bars of soap?

It's simply a bar of soap that has Himalayan salt added to it.Using the same organic oils and adding the Himalayan salt creates a silky -skin loving bar. Customers love this wonderful soap because of the properties the salt adds to the soap. Salt bars are full of minerals and can help to soothe pain and inflammation, as well as help sensitive skin feel nourished. 

Does salt soap dry out skin?

No. Not at all. Salt soap does not dry out your skin. On the contrary, salt maintains the skin's natural barrier, helping to keep moisture locked in. Salt soap works great at exfoliating your skin, buffing away dead skin cells and giving you a silky appearance to your skin. On your face or on your body, you will fall in love with these bars of soap. Salt bars have to cure 6 weeks just like any other soap Get ready to FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

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What Is Aleppo Soap you ask? Let’s talk about it’s benefits and uses. Did you know you can use Aleppo soap for both hair and body?

Aleppo soap is a soap loved by users for its naturally nourishing qualities and is among the best bar soap for sensitive skin. Aleppo was originally made in Syria dating back to the 8th century A.D. 

It is made from olive oil, aqua, and sodium hydroxide, but the ingredient that sets it apart is the BAY LAUREL OIL!  Made from the fruit of the Bay Laurel plant, laurel berry oil is thick and dark in color with a strong smokey scent.  This incredible oil acts as a gentle cleanser and is well-tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. Aleppo soap is so gentle, it can even be used on everyone to include babies’ skin, making it a family-friendly choice.

Here are just some of the many skincare benefits of Aleppo soap:

*Cleanses and purifies without stripping the skin’s natural essential oils.

*The olive oil hydrates, moisturises and nourishes dry, flaky skin.

*Oil of bay laurel has been known to help manage skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and acne. The properties of olive oil and bay laurel oil help calm redness, irritation and inflammation. Try it today!

Stop by the shop or check out the website.


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