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Have you ever heard of beer soap? You have not? Well, let me tell you about it. You may be asking, why use beer in soap? Beer contains sugar which gives the soap a stable and fluffy lather. It is also known that beer can soothe irritation on the skin. The brewer's yeast acts as an antibacterial agent that also offers moisturizing benefits to your skin. Let’s first find out how to make a bar of soap using beer. To make soap, we need oils, distilled water, and sodium hydroxide. When making beer soap, we substitute the distilled water for beer. However, there is more to making beer soap! You first have to prepare the beer. In order to add beer to your soap recipe, you need to boil it to remove the alcohol and carbonation. This will ensure the beer will not react and cause the dreaded volcano!

OK. What’s next? Once the beer has been boiled and all carbonation and alcohol has evaporated, it is time to make your soap. That’s it!

So next time you hear about beer soap, you know how it is made and why everyone loves it. Try one today!! Guilty Pleasures Organic Soaps offer several soaps made with beer. Beer soap makes an awesome and unique gift for beer lovers.

I have used several beers, but my favorite is still the beers found at Dirtbag Ales Farmers Market.

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Did you know Guilty Pleasures Organic Soaps carries about 80 different soap fragrances? We have sensitive skin, ladies, men, kids and so much more! Are you looking for a specific fragrance? Let me know. I will be happy to make you a custom soap.

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