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Himalayan Salt Soap Bars

What are Himalayan salt bars of soap?

It's simply a bar of soap that has Himalayan salt added to it.Using the same organic oils and adding the Himalayan salt creates a silky -skin loving bar. Customers love this wonderful soap because of the properties the salt adds to the soap. Salt bars are full of minerals and can help to soothe pain and inflammation, as well as help sensitive skin feel nourished. 

Does salt soap dry out skin?

No. Not at all. Salt soap does not dry out your skin. On the contrary, salt maintains the skin's natural barrier, helping to keep moisture locked in. Salt soap works great at exfoliating your skin, buffing away dead skin cells and giving you a silky appearance to your skin. On your face or on your body, you will fall in love with these bars of soap. Salt bars have to cure 6 weeks just like any other soap Get ready to FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

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