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Organic soaps Versus commercial soaps

Organic soaps VERSUS commercial store- bought soaps. Let’s learn together.

Have you ever wondered, what is the real difference between organic soap and store bought soap? Why is using organic soaps better for your family? Why use organic soap instead of commercial soaps?

Organic Soaps because of its gentle properties may help to aid skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis and even sunburn. Organic soap has the added benefit of being made from ingredients that are produced with organic farming practices. These are farms that don't use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

How can you know how your soap is made?

A good way to know what is in your soap is to understand where and how the soap is made, what ingredients are used and what process is used to make them.

Soap-Making Process

Guilty Pleasures Organic Soaps are made in small batches to ensure a fresh product. Our soaps are made using the hot or cold process method. Both of these methods use the best raw materials, natural mined colorants, and essential oils to make natural and safe soap. After the soaps are put in molds, they are removed and placed in racks to cure for 4 to 6 weeks. This results in a gentle, long-lasting, harder bar of soap.

Unlike store bought soaps, GPOS doesn’t use irritants, harmful chemicals or carcinogens. If fragrances are used, these are phthalate free, responsibly sourced and cruelty free.

Commercial soap may include the following:

Parabens: a chemical preservative used to extend the shelf life of soap

Phthalates: An additive (known to be linked to cancer)

Petrochemicals: petroleum made chemicals considered unsafe for humans

Synthetic Perfume: synthetic ingredients that may aggravate skin conditions.

Artificial Color: Synthetic color.

Organic soap is actually good for the skin, and you will feel the difference.

Using natural organic ingredients to make soaps allows the buyer, YOU, with a safer, harder, better quality bar of soap. Once you try Guilty Pleasures Organic Soaps, nothing else will do.

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